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Green travel, you and me. As the concept of green environmental protection has gradually affected many people, the new energy industries such as batteries and electric vehicles have developed rapidly in domestic and international countries.

Guangzhou Hardin Electronic Technology Co.,ltd has adhered to the concept of sustainable development, since founded is committed to researching chargers towards higher stability, lower defective rate and higher cost-effective. In addition to advanced software and hardware technology, Hardin is truly responsible for the products, quality and by production with  high-quality raw materials and strict process requirements and system.Inspection,Guangzhou Hardin Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd always mainly engaged in solving the charging problems in many fields with the professional charging technology and also obtain a good feedback, including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, various electric vehicles, robots, drones and UPS uninterruptible power supplies, etc.

Guangzhou Hardin Electronic Technology Co.,ltd has a group of high-level hardware and software engineers and production management personnel. Hardin owns brand chargers which are self-developed and sales from 180W-4000W. Equipped with advanced equipments, the products have CE, ROHS and other certifications,access to export to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea ,etc. Hardin has the ability to produce large quantities of orders.

Vision in quality,supervision by quality.

Hardin sincerely cooperate with you.


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Tel:+86 020 3123 6213

Address: Room 702 and 703 on the 7th floor of No. 8 Huanjiao Yiheng Road,Baiyun District, Guangzhou  ,Guangdong Province China

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